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How to Better Manage Client Orders in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is a fast-paced, challenging field, especially if you don't have a defined and organized process for managing orders. Your clients depend on your company to provide the items they need to do business, so it's up to you to make sure the processes for managing those orders are smooth and efficient. Take some steps to simplify the way your business handles client orders to provide a better experience for everyone involved.





No matter what type of food service your business provides, you want to maintain best practices and eliminate manual processes that waste time. Tie your processes together for more efficient management of orders, from the moment the order is placed to the time the shipment goes out to the client.




Find the Right Software System


Without the right software system, you'll have unorganized orders and inventory that's difficult to track. If you don't have access to your inventory in a neat and organized way, you'll have difficulties knowing what is available to send to clients. As a result, orders may be delayed or back ordered when the supply isn't sufficient to meet the demand.

Finding a software system that can manage your client orders and inventory can simplify the process substantially. Additional aspects of the client order management process that can be handled through a software solution include customer service, warehouse communication, shipping and transportation, accounts receivable and payable, and general ledger tracking. Keeping all information in a single system keeps your business more organized to meet client expectations.




Communicate More Regularly 


Communication is key to maintaining positive relationships with your clients in the food and beverage industry. If you sell your products through an e-commerce site, consider including inventory information and potential shipping and arrival dates on the product pages to keep clients informed about when they can expect to receive products when placing orders. You also want to send an email communication with tracking details when products have packed and shipped. Staying in constant communication eliminates potential frustrations and worries among your clients. 




Provide 'Wow' Moments


Customer service is essential for every business, including companies operating in the food and beverage industry. Providing moments that wow your customers will create stronger relationships and boost loyalty. Adding a personal touch to your communications or sending handwritten thank-you notes to new customers can go a long way toward encouraging clients to continue using your business for their needs. 


When you're communicating expectations, under promise and over deliver. Customers will be pleased with shipments that arrive earlier than expected, but a delay could cause serious frustration and loss of business.


One of the top software solutions in the food and beverage industry comes from Sage Software. This helpful option includes features designed especially for businesses in this industry, including formula and recipe management, product packaging, shelf-life management with expiration date control, contract management, and more. It also provides best practices for managing regulations in the food and beverage industry, keeping your business in compliance. 


With a tailored Sage Software solution, you can take your food and beverage company to the next level.






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