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Does Your Business Management System Support Team Have Your Back?

If you’re like most business people, you work tirelessly to achieve challenging goals, deal with stress that follows you to bed, and give everything your best effort, even though you know you can’t win them all.

Your business management system is a critical part of achieving your goals, so keeping it up to date and being prepared to troubleshoot is a necessity. Do you rely on a support team to help you deal with issues/questions/emergencies? If so, anything but a high-quality, effective support team will be a waste of your time and resources.


High-quality, effective support teams have:


You should be able to reach your support team by phone, email, website, text, and social media messaging, and they should be responsive at all times.

A Sense of Urgency

Your support team should be conscious of the value of your time and respond quickly to your needs.  


A good support team anticipates that you might be stressed, aggravated, pressed for time, and anxious about getting the issue resolved as soon as possible and reacts accordingly. (This does not mean you should be rude, however.)


A good support team listens attentively to your description of the issue and gets right down to the business of working quickly and efficiently to solve the issue. 

Bolivar Trading Case Study


Not only should your support team know your system inside and out, it should know your business and be able to “attack” the issue in the context of your situation to produce a personalized solution.


A good support team assesses the issue and determines if it requires escalation – thinking about your issue, not their time or profit.

Strong Communication Skills

In addition to finding and fixing the issue, the support team should be able to explain everything to you – the issue itself, the cause, solutions, and how to prevent the issue from occurring again.

Diligence and Competency

A good support team is good at their job and delivers the solution as quickly as possible. It also always verifies that your expectations have been met and, if they haven’t, what can be done to change that.


If your business management system support team isn’t offering this caliber of service, it’s time to determine if they really have your back.


For more information about business management systems or their support, please contact us.


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