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Cloud Security: Myth Vs. Fabrication

For those who are used to keeping hard copies of their data on-site, the idea of switching to the cloud can seem overwhelming. To make matters worse, the myths about cloud security have made some businesses fearful of using the cloud. If you want to make your company more technologically savvy and efficient, cloud services are a must-have. Learn more about how this technology works so you can separate myth from fact when it comes to cloud storage.







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This is the most common myth about cloud computing despite the fact that the cloud is actually better at protecting your data compared to traditional in-house data centers. With a good cloud service provider, you'll get multiple layers of security with VPNs, firewalls, encryption, and frequent data backups to keep your data safe. With on-site data centers, human error, hackers, or a natural disaster could cause you to lose everything in an instant. Cloud data storage protects against these threats, day in and day out.




Myth #2: It Costs Too Much to Use the Cloud


When you use the cloud, you can actually spend less on the in-house data systems you currently have set up. In addition, you may not need to employ such a large IT staff since most of the work is being taken care of by your cloud service provider. In fact, your business can look for providers who also offer comprehensive customer service so that you won't need to route your questions through the IT department. Instead, employees will be able to directly contact the service team to have any of their questions about the cloud answered quickly and thoroughly.




Myth #3: Cloud Computing Doesn't Fit My Business Needs


Some business owners don't realize just how versatile cloud computing can be. In fact, it's one of the most dynamic technological solutions and can be applied to just about any business regardless of size. It's incredibly flexible since your services can be tailored to your specific storage and computing needs. It's also completely scalable, which makes it much more cost-effective than traditional data centers that require a huge investment to upgrade for more storage and processing capacity. 




Myth #4: My Business Won't Improve by Using the Cloud


In addition to making data storage cheaper and more efficient, cloud computing can actually improve or expand the services your business is able to offer to customers. Since the cloud makes your data accessible at all times, you'll have increased mobility and be able to conduct business from any location. Whether you need to view an updated inventory on the go or supply a client with important documents at an off-site meeting, you'll be better prepared to offer top-notch services when you use the cloud.


Don't believe the myths you've been hearing about the cloud. Want to learn more about how the cloud can be customized to suit your business needs?



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