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4 Ways The Right Software Can Help You Better Serve Your Clients


You can have the best staff, a great service or product, and an exceptional marketing plan, but without good customer service, your business will struggle. Maintaining relationships with your clients is a critical component of building a profitable business. If you're committed to improving your level of service, you'll want quality software that can keep your business on track so that no client falls through the cracks. Discover some of the top ways that the right software can help you to better serve your clients each day.



4 Ways the Right Software Can Help You Better Serve Your Clients


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If your business uses leads to generate sales, you want to have a set process by which employees should pursue each potential client. With CRM software, you can develop a pipeline for each sales contact, starting with preset emails that can be tailored to the client and moving through a to-do list of calls, meetings, and follow-up emails. This pipeline helps to take employees from the lead generation stage to closing the sale, tracking each step along the way so that managers can see how their staff members are performing.



Automated Tasks


If you're handling a large client load, staying on top of all the follow-up required to maintain a strong business relationship can be tough. With customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can create automatic assignments for employees to stay in contact with current customers as well as prospective clients. This tool can ensure that all customers receive the same level of service while also contributing to a steady workflow for your employees.



Tracked Activities


Anytime you interact with a client, that interaction can be logged in your CRM software. These interactions create a simple, streamlined way to develop an activity history for each individual customer, allowing you to provide tailored responses based on customers' previous interactions with your team. Reports can be produced quickly to help keep tabs on any issues that may arise. By including specific notes about each client, you can create a detailed profile that will help to deliver better sales results over time.



Connected Teams


CRM software takes customer service tasks out of individual work spaces and places them in a system that many employees can access. This access can create better connections, especially among different departments. The sales team, service team, and marketing team can all access the information on your CRM platform, for example. 

By using the data collected by other teams, each department can work more efficiently. The longer the teams work within your CRM software, the more detailed each customer profile will become. You'll also be able to develop a bank of customer data that can be used to create informative reports for internal use.


With the right type of software, you can improve your client relationships and increase sales. Consider using Sage 100cloud (Sage 100) Business Management Software in your workplace to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and gain insights into your business. This solution provides you with the tools needed to improve your workflows, increase customer service, and gain new accounts to ultimately grow your business.







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