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Tracking Big Data for Field Services With Acumatica

Field service companies deal with an incredible amount of data, from customer details to employee activities, daily. To store, organize, and analyze this data properly, you need a helpful tool like Acumatica. This cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software makes it possible to know how your department is performing at all times with real-time tracking. In addition, it recognizes patterns across larger data sets and pulls up detailed information for specific service calls quickly and easily. Learn more about how Acumatica makes tracking big data efficient and seamless.



Real-Time Tracking

Perhaps the most important data to track with a field services company is where your employees are at all times. With each service call you're responsible for logging a ton of data, including start and end times for each appointment, the number of miles traveled, and the tools and equipment used. You might even want mapping capabilities so you can see which employee is nearest to the next service call. Acumatica makes it easy to track this data in real time and decide which data points you should store for future access.



Service Contract Management

Field service companies often manage hundreds or even thousands of service contracts at a time. Each of these contracts will feature different specifications in regard to included services, subscription prices, and more. Acumatica stores and organizes service contract data so your employees can pull up any customer's details quickly and easily. You can also receive alerts when a contract expiration date is approaching or reminders to schedule appointments or price changes based on customer activity.



Inventory Management

Keeping tabs on your inventory can be difficult when you're operating a field services company. With this type of business, your tools, vehicles, and supplies are often away from your headquarters or local base of operations. 

Acumatica helps you track and organize inventory data. Employees can easily update inventory information on the go, and you'll be notified when stock is running low. You can even set up automatic replenishment orders when you reach a certain shortage level. You can direct inventory to a specific location so when the parts arrive, your nearest dispatcher receives an alert and can schedule service appointments as needed.



Project Costs Tracking

This industry can involve a wide variety of field service calls, from simple equipment updates to major installations. Regardless of the project size, it's important to calculate the exact costs of each visit. Acumatica Project Accounting is an optional application that allows you to track time, materials, work hours, and other expenses for each phase of your projects. You can also use this tool to compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets.






Acumatica makes it easy for field service companies to track their data across a wide range of activities and costs. In addition, you can use this software to analyze big data for budgeting purposes or to identify weak and strong points of your business. Learn more about Acumatica by contacting Southeast Computer Solutions.


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