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Sage100 Cloud Vs. Quickbooks

Sage 100cloud and QuickBooks are two options for accounting software, but businesses need to mindful about which they select. Both offer advantages and disadvantages you'll need to consider before selecting your software. These are some of the differences and similarities between Sage 100cloud and QuickBooks.






Sage 100cloud is praised for its clean interface and seamless design, whereas QuickBooks has received some negative attention, thanks to its potentially confusing nested menu design. This one factor may not be enough to inform your decision, but keep it in mind as you shop — especially if you'll be working



Integration With Additional Web Services


Both software options can be expanded by adding extra services. This means both are highly scalable, though Sage cloud100 features integration with more complex features — including some you might not need. With Sage's software, you can add:


  • Payment Center
  • Payroll Services
  • CRM
  • Intelligence Report Manager.

With QuickBooks, you also have the option to expand the service. Some available extras include:


  • Payroll
  • Enhanced Payroll
  • Full Service Payroll.


QuickBooks also has service tiers that make it easy to upgrade to additional services without having to work with new software. With QuickBooks online, you have three choices: Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus. Essentials adds the ability to manage bills, track time, and let multiple users access the software. Plus is the premium option and adds inventory tracking, budget management, and the ability to manage 1099 contractors.





Another major benefit of both software options is the availability of online support. Sage support team access is available as an additional service. You also get access to a 24/7 online support knowledge base. QuickBooks has a dedicated support site you can navigate, which is similar to Sage's knowledge base. Both companies also have phone support.


In addition to these official resources, you'll find plenty of help from online communities of users if you ever have questions about your software. You can also find business management software implementation services if you'd like assistance incorporating Sage 100cloud or QuickBooks into your enterprise.



A Variety of Tools for Business Owners


The ability to add and remove services is a benefit of both services. QuickBooks is focused on small businesses and self-employed individuals, whereas Sage 100cloud has tools to help with especially complex jobs, which can be helpful for bigger enterprises. Sage 100cloud also has additional services like intelligent inventory planning. This is available through Sage Inventory Advisor Basics.


These tools are fantastic for those who need them, but if you run a small business, you may find the simplicity of QuickBook's offerings to be sufficient. These services are available as extras, so you can always start with basic Sage 100cloud and upgrade as your company expands.


Sage 100cloud and QuickBooks are both compelling options if you're in the market for accounting and HR software. Which one you choose will likely depend on your budget, the extras you need, and which interface you prefer. Both offer their own training services, but you can also work with a third-party for tailored software training designed to meet your personnel's specific needs.




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