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Let Your Data Provide You Insights Into Your Business

No matter how big or small your business, Nectari Software can help your organization gain in depth business insights. Discover more about this innovative program and how it integrates with Sage 100 solutions as well as the ability to bring in data from systems outside your ERP such as CRM





Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • My dashboards aren’t available or don’t display well on my mobile devices
  • I can’t get all the data needed, I am missing forecast data and data from other systems
  • The reports aren’t fully meeting my need, I export them to excel to manipulate/augment the data
  • Submission of report/Dashboard enhancements to IT are not turned around in a timely manner
  • It’s hard to get a full 360 view of my company because I don’t have access to all the data needed
  • I’ve looked at BI tools but it will take too much effort to tie them into my ERP


If any of these issues sound familiar its’ time you look at Nectari!








What is Nectari Software?

Nectari is a BI/data visualization tool from acclaimed information technology company, Tangerine Software. The program furthers Tangerine Software's mission of “Making Business Better” by taking archived, current, and forecasted company data and turning it into easily processed visual displays. Businesses can then utilize these visual displays to make informed operational decisions. Nectari strives to help the decision-makers in business produce better choices to help their organizations boost profits, operate more efficiently, and grow. No need to burden IT waiting on dashboards as Nectari is designed in a DIT – “Do IT Yourself” with easy drag and drop visualizations.



How Nectari Works With Sage Products

Tangerine ensures Nectari fully integrates with Sage 100 and it provides upward mobility. As your company grows, Nectari will grow with you because Nectari is the same product as Sage Enterprise Intelligence for Sage EM.


The Nectari and Sage add-ins increase the functionality of all programs. Using these add-in lets you easily and securely access data from one program in another. This data is always available and updated in real-time, allowing users to make business decisions using the most current and relevant information available. This is ideal for businesses where multiple employees use the programs. Nectari also adds functionality to Sage programs with its advanced features such as business logic and forecasting tools. Nectari’s  innovative security features  help your Sage data become even safer. With the Nectari add-in, your preferred Sage platforms will work better than ever before.



How Nectari Benefits Your Business

Nectari helps your business leverage the power of data analytics. Studies show data helps businesses at all stages of their lifecycle, including start-up and periods of growth. It can help companies successfully penetrate new markets, strengthen customer relationships, and streamline a variety of processes, including marketing and supply chain operations. No matter what your business goals, Nectari can help you understand your data better so you can achieve them.


Nectari doesn't just deal with the data you already have. It also helps you tap into the future, just as any good company should do. Its forecasting tools can help you make more informed choices about what your business should do next.


Unlike many data analytics solutions, Nectari puts businesses in total control. Many businesses rely on third-party data analytics solutions. Obtaining information from them can be time-consuming, so data received isn't the most current. Nectari lessens the burden on IT allowing you to get the business data when you need it.


Most businesses use third-party data analytics solutions because they aren't confident managing their own data. Nectari is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Once you start using it, you'll be surprised at the ease and flow. Knowledge is power! As you use Nectari, you'll develop a better understanding of data and how you can use it to make better business decisions.


Managing data can be overwhelming for business owners, but it doesn't have to be. Nectari Software is a smart data management system, especially when it's used in conjunction with leading accounting solutions, including Sage 100. Whether you prefer to use visualizations or work in Excel, Nectari is the solution that meets you business needs.



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