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How to Use SSL in Sage X3

Many companies that use Sage X3 choose to have their Syracuse Web Server exposed to the internet for ease of access – no VPNs or remote desktop services to use – but making the connection open to the public internet exposes your web server/data to attack. Security is a necessity, as organizations need to keep their data private and secure.


Using an SSL (secure socket layer) connection with a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority protects the confidentiality and integrity of company data exchanged online. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser; this encrypted link will ensure that the data exchanged between the user and the web server is transmitted securely and remains private. Any Sage Enterprise Management exposed to the public internet should use SSL to secure its connection with the users and protect company data.


Below are instructions on how to use SSL in Sage X3.


Use an SSL tool like OpenSSL to create a certificate request (*.csr file) and a private key (*.key file) on your Syracuse Server.


The installation of the Safe Enterprise Management Web Server component will create OpenSSL binaries in the Sage\SafeEnterprise Management\Web\tools\SOFTS\HTTPD\bin folder. The exact path depends on the path specified during installation of the Web Server component.


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Create the certificate to be used by Sage X3.


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Configure the Sage X3 host to use SSL and the certificate created in the previous step.



Warning: If there is a problem with certificate setup, the certificate files, or the port, you may be locked out of Enterprise Management after the Syracuse service restarts in the following step.


To prevent this from happening, you can add another connection and configure it to use another port by clicking on the blue plus symbol instead of modifying the original one. This way, Syracuse will be listening on two ports.


You would only enable SSL for one of these connections and ports. If there is a problem with the SSL configuration, you can fall back on the other connection and port which was not changed.


Click Save.



So much of your data should never been seen by outside eyes, so connecting it to the public internet simply for ease of access is a poor idea. Instead, you should use an SSL (secure socket layer) connection with a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority to protect the confidentiality and integrity of company data exchanged online.


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