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How to Streamline Your Work Orders


Work orders are an essential part of the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, finding an effective way to manage them can be quite difficult. But with new technological solutions, it's easy to keep work orders organized in a way that produces increases in performance and profits. Check out these solutions for streamlining manufacturing work orders.





Make Quality Control a Priority

While there may be many parts of your work order system that need improvement, quality control is the one you should focus on first. When the standards of products or services are not maintained, you'll see a negative impact on your business that, while reversible, may do lasting damage in terms of customer loyalty. 


Mobile access to training materials can be a great way to improve quality control across the company. In addition, you can implement a cloud-based system that detects errors quickly and effectively, so issues can be addressed before they impact the customer or your bottom line.



Track Everything Digitally

Paper systems simply aren't efficient when there are streamlined digital solutions available. Using outdated recordkeeping strategies like paperwork orders can slow down your business and give the competition a chance to get ahead. It takes much longer to find a previous work order, even if it's been carefully organized in a nearby filing cabinet. 


With digital work orders, you can quickly type in your search and have the document that you need pulled up. You can use ERP software solutions to pull together data easily for reports or analysis. Plus, you can use cloud-based systems to access the info you need anywhere, anytime. It even saves you the costs associated with printing. If you're still writing things down on paper or storing data in a limited computer network, it's time to upgrade to cloud-based work order tracking.



Give Customers What They Want

In order for your business to succeed, you need to make sure your customers are happy with the products or services they're receiving. For customer service-related work orders, you'll find the best results when you use ERP software with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. This type of technology can boost productivity and provide better transparency in your customer service department. It also makes it easy to communicate with customers in a professional, timely manner and provides an easy way for employees to pull up any pertinent information, like customer contact details or order history. 


Another benefit of using CRM software is automating tedious tasks. Whether it's sending out daily reports, accumulating data about your sales, or tracking employee performance, you can customize the software to complete these processes for you, so employees can focus more on serving individual customers' needs. Evaluate your current customer service setup, and you'll likely find a number of key tasks that could potentially be streamlined with the right CRM manufacturing software.


Managing your work orders doesn't have to be a constant struggle. Even if you're working with different types of order across various departments, such as customer service, human resources, and distribution, it's important to have a streamlined manufacturing software solution in place that helps your employees get the job done.




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