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Paper Versus Electronic: 5 Reasons to Move to Digital

Even though we live in a digital world, your business might still rely on paper to create reports, invoice clients, and more. However, you'll discover plenty of benefits when you switch from paper to digital. Learn more about these benefits to see why you should make the switch today.





5 Reasons to Move to Digital


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Imagine you had to move to a new office and bring all your paperwork along. You would likely need a truck to carry every box. Now picture how easy it would be to move to a new office if all your paperwork is digital. It's incredibly simple to transport electronic documents if they're stored on a thumb drive or removable hard drive. However, even if you never need to move, you'll appreciate the ease of being able to take documents anywhere you want when they're digital — even more so if they're also stored in the cloud.



Easy to Use

Imagine a scenario in which you need to look up some important information, but you can't remember exactly which document has that data. If you store all your documents on paper, you could spend hours searching through each paper by hand. On the other hand, if you have all of your documents digitally stored, you can spend a few minutes with one simple computer search to find what you need. Even better, if you have your documents stored in the cloud, you can access that information anywhere and anytime.



Saves Space

As previously mentioned, when you need to store paper, you have to keep it in boxes that take up room. On the other hand, you can store hundreds of digital documents on a thumb drive that can you keep in your desk drawer. If space is at a premium in your office, you can free up plenty when you make the switch to digital. Consider an example from organizational consultant Darla DeMorrow, who had a client who reclaimed square footage for revenue-producing inventory by scanning in 10 boxes of paper documents.




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Cuts Down on Labor Costs

Think about the work that goes into paying invoices when you still rely on traditional paper. You have to pay for stapling check stubs to old invoices, collating, filing, pulling purchase orders, matching orders to an invoice, stapling all the paperwork together, refiling everything, and more. Now consider this process when everything is digital. Suddenly all these steps become automated and you cut down on that labor cost. Plus, when you work with an IT consulting team, you can discover even more ways for your business to save money.



Tracking Changes

When you're working with electronic documents, it's very easy to track what changes have occurred and who made the changes. However, when you're working with paper documents, it's difficult and costly to track these changes. Additionally, if your documents are in the cloud, it's easy for everyone to have the latest version of any document. If your business is one that still relies on paper documents, you now know five good reasons why you should make the move to digital right now.






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